July 26, 2021

How switching to OrderGrid helped Spore grow

When Spore Life Sciences were first starting out with their DTC functional mushroom business, they initially chose a traditional 3PL that was known for handling high volumes of orders.

However, the team at Spore soon realized that they weren’t getting the service and flexibility their business needed in order to grow rapidly. Spore’s growth was being constrained, so they reached out to OrderGrid.

At OrderGrid, we understood that Spore needed a solution that really met the needs of a fast- growing DTC brand:  

OrderGrid’s direct integration with Sticky.io was also a key factor in Spore’s decision to switch. Sticky.io is an e-commerce platform specializing in DTC subscription services. Along with our one-click integration with Shopify, OrderGrid is able to fulfill regular Shopify orders and Sticky.io subscription orders for Spore seamlessly with tracking links automatically posted back to the stores.

How OrderGrid Helps Spore Ensure Adequate Inventory Levels When Experiencing Rapid Growth

The rapid growth that Spore experienced led to an unexpected challenge. How were they going to forecast the right amount of inventory, so that orders could be fulfilled without damaging stock-outs? Fortunately, with OrderGrid’s proprietary Inventory Velocity Report, Mike and Alex were able to see future order expectations and inventory levels. This enabled them to make a call on the right amount of on-hand inventory to support their growing customer base.

How OrderGrid Helps Spore Stay Compliant With Regulations

OrderGrid provided quality GMP/cGMP warehousing across all of our locations. This ensured Spores’ Health and Pharmaceutical products were stored and delivered to their customers in a safe, effective, and compliant manner.

I can only say great things about the team and service that OrderGrid has provided my company to date. They’ve been very responsive, extremely reliable and we’ve have no delay issues or challenges with them while growing by 4x within 90 days.We’ve worked with another 3PL in the past, and made the switch, lowering both our cost and improving our delivery speed significantly with OrderGrid. Glad we made the move.”

Quote from Alex Kapulnov, Co-Founder at Spore Life Sciences

As brands grow, they tend to look for a 3PL that can help them expand globally by driving down processing times and shipping costs, as well as delivering value to their end-customers. Same-day order processing is becoming much more important to customers because this generally leads to shorter delivery times. With OrderGrid, Spore was able to get their products out to customers faster and more cost effective than ever before.

With our tech-driven fulfillment services, we provide quality and flexibility to help e-commerce brands like Spore scale their business. Our proprietary ‘Manual Store’ feature is a game-changer that has helped Spore access new customers in a completely different way.

Many e-commerce brands underestimate the cost-savings and importance of choosing your vendors, supply chain and partners wisely. At OrderGrid, we’ve developed great relationships with vendors and carriers that have brought Spores’ costs down.

What’s Next For Spore?

For now, Mike and Alex’ main focus is direct-to-consumer sales. On the back of their huge early success, Spore will continue to expand across North America, and may look at other international markets, served by OrderGrid.By switching to OrderGrid, Spore founders Mike and Alex have been able to ship orders faster and with more ease than with their previous fulfillment partner. Switching 3PLs has truly allowed them to focus on their business and let OrderGrid handle the rest.

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