October 9, 2023

Navigating Online Order Inventory Challenges: A Brief Guide for Grocers

In the ever-evolving world of online grocery shopping, staying ahead of inventory challenges is essential for providing a seamless customer experience. While many grocers rely on real-time inventory systems to manage stock levels accurately, not everyone has access to such advanced technology. If you're a grocer looking to overcome online order inventory issues without a real-time inventory system, this blog post offers practical strategies and solutions, including the invaluable role of in-store picking apps.

1. Implement Strict Inventory Management Practices

Effective inventory management begins with clear and structured practices, regardless of the technology at your disposal. Start by:

  • Regularly conducting manual stock counts
  • Categorizing items based on shelf life and perishability
  • Setting reorder points for popular products
  • Prioritizing product rotation to reduce waste

By adhering to these practices, you can minimize the risk of overstocking or running out of crucial items.

2. Maintain Buffer Stock

Buffer stock, also known as safety stock, is a reserve of products kept on hand to prevent stockouts when demand unexpectedly spikes. This buffer can help bridge the gap between inventory updates and actual stock levels. Assess historical sales data to identify products with variable demand and maintain buffer stock for these items.

3. Utilize Inventory Alerts

In the absence of real-time systems, leverage inventory alerts and triggers based on predetermined thresholds. These alerts can notify you when inventory levels reach critical points, allowing you to take immediate action, such as restocking or altering promotions.

4. Embrace Demand Forecasting

Although you may not have real-time data, historical sales data can still provide valuable insights into demand patterns. Invest in demand forecasting tools or work with suppliers who can assist in predicting demand based on past trends, seasonality, and market dynamics.

5. Implement Order Fulfillment Windows

Establish specific order fulfillment windows to manage customer expectations regarding delivery or pickup times. Limiting the hours during which customers can place orders allows you to better control inventory and allocate resources effectively.

6. Offer Substitutions

Consider offering customers alternative product options in case the desired item is out of stock. Communicate clearly with customers about these substitutions to ensure satisfaction and minimize order cancellations.

7. Monitor Supplier Performance

Work closely with your suppliers to ensure accurate and timely deliveries. Maintain open lines of communication to address potential issues or delays promptly. Reliable suppliers can help you manage inventory more effectively.

8. Leverage In-Store Picking Apps

In-store picking apps like OrderGrid can be a game-changer for grocers facing inventory challenges. These apps enable store employees to pick and pack online orders efficiently. By equipping your team with in-store picking apps, you can:

  • Ensure real-time updates on inventory levels as items are picked and added to orders
  • Reduce the risk of overselling products by providing accurate stock information
  • Improve order accuracy and reduce errors in fulfillment
  • Streamline the picking process, making it more efficient and organized

9. Educate Your Team

Ensure your team is well-trained in inventory management practices. Train them to recognize inventory issues, report discrepancies, and follow established procedures for restocking and order fulfillment.


While real-time inventory systems provide a competitive edge in the world of online grocery, grocers without access to such technology can still navigate inventory challenges effectively. By implementing strict inventory management practices, maintaining buffer stock, utilizing alerts, embracing demand forecasting, leveraging technology such as in-store picking apps, and nurturing strong supplier relationships, you can provide a seamless online shopping experience for your customers. Remember, successful inventory management doesn't always require the latest technology; it often relies on a combination of best practices, strategic decision-making, and smart tools.

If you need expert assistance in implementing these solutions, or if you're interested in exploring an in-store picking app or a real-time inventory platform, contact OrderGrid today. We can seamlessly integrate these solutions into your existing systems, ensuring smoother operations and enhanced customer satisfaction. Let's elevate your online grocery experience together.

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