Deliver a superior online grocery experience

Harness the potential of our online grocery platform, backed by years of operational expertise with big-name grocers in micro-fulfillment centers, dark stores, and drive-thrus. We specialize in driving profitability in online grocery.


Never run out of stock again

From micro-fulfillment centers to dark stores and drive-throughs, we’ve got years of experience handling operations for big-name grocers. And we specialize in making them profitable.

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Rapid & accurate fulfillment

Our platform is finely tuned for fast and precise picking, ensuring your customers get exactly what they ordered

Smart automatic replenishment

We integrate into your suppliers and automatically issue POs using AI to accurately predict demand, reducing waste and overstocks and increasing availability

Real-time catalog management

We automatically remove items from your catalog so your customers will never order an item that can't be delivered

Flexible platform for online grocery

We work with 10+ large grocers worldwide and offer flexible solutions for 10 minute and scheduled delivery, pick-up and drive-thru fulfillment, dark stores and large warehouse FCs


Improve loyalty and boost profit
with OrderGrid

Next-gen online grocery platform

Our software is cloud-based and easy to use—and it’s all optimized for online grocery. That includes highly accurate picking and receiving at speed, automatic replenishment and a simplified UI that makes onboarding employees a breeze.

Input from the experts

We help grocers level-up their game in online grocery with our experience working with big-name grocers worldwide. We're on standby to help you with your catalog, inventory planning, regulatory compliance, SOPs and roll-out strategy.

Unlimited SKUs and easy catalog management

Our system enables seamless management of an unlimited SKU range, including weighted items, ensuring a diverse product selection to keep your customers coming back.

Regulatory compliance made simple

The OrderGrid platform is regulation-ready for grocery. Our platform handles regulated products, tracks lot codes, manages expiring items, enforces age constraints, and complies with high fat, sugar, and salt regulations.

Advanced, automatic replenishment

Our automatic replenishment suite effortlessly integrates with your suppliers and employs AI-based demand forecasting, incorporating local weather forecasts for precise inventory predictions. It also automatically issues POs, factoring in supplier lead times and availability constraints, ensuring your product range remains reliable for your customers.

Automation for freshness checks

Leverage automation to prompt staff for freshness checks – just one of many automated processes we employ to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Here’s how we move the needle

Seamless omnichannel grocery

Create a seamless omnichannel grocery experience with OrderGrid, driving repeat customers to choose your brand for every purchase

Role-based access

Decide which employees have access to various modules and portals with a few simple steps

Account management

Take advantage of our experience working with global grocers with a dedicated account manager

Global tech team

Take your global expansion to the next level with our dynamic team of tech experts who specialize in grocery, warehouse, and inventory management

Audit reports

Our platform is built to enable easy auditing for Finance or Quality Assurance purposes

Modular platform

Create the perfect solution for your online grocery business by choosing only the OrderGrid features you need

Enterprise grade security

We appreciate the importance of security and have achieved SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001 compliance.

Mobile ready

Monitor your operations from your own device, while site employees use dedicated devices or their own devices for picking and receiving

Finance reporting

We provide financial breakdowns that make it easy for you to review the last day, week, quarter, or year

Global coverage

We’re live in 8 countries around the world, and we’re growing


Our goal is modernize online grocery, inventory and warehouse operations. At the heart of that mission is technology that’s cloud-based and easy to use

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Our experts are ready to answer your questions about online grocery fulfillment, replenishment, implementation and more.