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Our platform powers exceptional customer experiences and boosts profitability
for online businesses, grocers, retailers, CPGs and distributors.

Order management software interface by OrderGrid for order management and ecommerce fulfillmentOMS WMS IMS Software Grocery Retailers
OMS WMS IMS Software Grocery Retailers
Powered by OrderGrid

Easy to use

Intuitive UI minimizes training costs and streamlines implementation


Adaptable cloud platform scales with your evolving business needs

Cost effective

Low investment and efficient operations for profitability from day one

Designed for digital commerce

Every feature is built with scalable digital commerce in mind


Gain full control over inventory

Our software uses cloud-based technology to give your team full visibility into inventory operations—no matter what and where your business operates.

bin system

Track every item of inventory in your warehouse

Our platform employs a bin system specifically designed to enhance inventory management right from the moment of receiving. Our platform enables you to effortlessly locate and monitor each inventory item that enters your OrderGrid-powered locations, eliminating the problems of lost products and inefficient item retrieval.

visualization of the bin system
illustration of the picking feature

Improve order accuracy and picking times

Efficiently logging and storing inventory in the warehouse simplifies the work of pickers. Our AI-driven platform optimizes spaces and pick paths, increasing units picked per hour and maximizing profits.

Real-time information

Real-time information for all

Our cloud-based platform prioritizes precision and organization. Seamlessly oversee your operations in real-time and provide customers with live updates throughout the order process, from receiving to picking, packing, and shipping.

illustration of live inventory information
visual representation of the custom app possibilities
Flexible headless architecture

Elevate above the ordinary

Unlock customization possibilities with OrderGrid's headless architecture. Tailor complex business flows and meet specific needs. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with each client to ensure flawless operations. Partner with us for tailored solutions.

How it works

If you have inventory and need help managing it, we’re ready to transform your operations. Here’s how that happens:

Set up

We set up your warehouse so its ready for our software launch, such as setting up a bin system.


We integrate your APIs into our software, connecting your online order data to your warehouse’s physical products.


Start running your warehouse on our software and optimize it for your business.


Monitor your warehouse operations so that things are running smoothly—either from the warehouse or on-the-go.


Improve your operations by adding additional software modules, such as replenishment forecasting and ordering features.

How it works

We’re ready to help you transform your operations. Here’s how that happens:

Here’s how OrderGrid can power your business

Auto-Replenish Inventory

Our system automatically takes care of re-ordering and purchase orders from your suppliers

Express Picking & Receiving

Ensure customer satisfaction by picking orders in 2 minutes with >99.5% accuracy and 10-minute delivery.

Warehouse routing

Take a load off employees by designing efficient warehouse routes for optimized picking.

menu itemmenu item

AI Demand Forecasting

Ensure item availability by using our demand forecast to make data-drive buying decisions

Expiry and Freshness Checks

Manage inventory by tracking each product according to expiration dates and/or LOT numbers.

Supplier Integrations

We offer flexible client integrations through API, EDI, SFTP, and our in-house Partner Portal.

Reports and Dashboards

Customizable reports and API endpoints for complete visibility and data-driven decisions


Operate thousands of sites and warehouses with no software constraint

Cycle count

Scale up or down with our inventory auditing automation.

kraft heinz office
“OrderGrid is an impressive turnkey e3PL that has supported Kraft Heinz in launching DTC & B2B for multiple campaigns.Their dedicated customer success team and last mile delivery integrations allow our efforts to scale rapidly. OrderGrid’s service is unparalleled and highly recommended.“

Francisco H. Llado,

Digital Operations Manager, Kraft Heinz

Tease Tea product photography
“OrderGrid’s team is quick to respond to our needs and always works with us to find solutions."

Amanda Baker

Chief Operating Officer, Tease Tea

Spore DTC OrderGrid Client
“I can only say great things about the team and service that OrderGrid has provided my company to date. They’ve been very responsive, extremely reliable and we’ve have no delay issues or challenges with them while growing by 4x within 90 days.”

Alex Kaplunov

Chief Product Officer, Spore Life Sciences

photograph of Safe Direct CEO
“OrderGrid has an excellent team. They’ve been able to keep up with our growth and have demonstrated that they can handle any task at hand with ease. OrderGrid has been an integral part to our launch and we’re glad to be working with them.”

Anatoliy Melnichuk

CEO, Safe Direct MS

scotch boyz product photograph
“The seamless integration to our website, inventory management solutions and the fulfilment options that OrderGrid offers, have allowed us to focus on our business while the OrderGrid Team has expertly handled our e-commerce orders.”

Drew Gray

Founder, Scotch Boyz

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