July 23, 2021

So, you’re thinking of switching 3PLs…

The choice to switch your 3PL might seem like a time sensitive process that includes a lot of delays. However, with the right help, switching 3PLs doesn’t have to be as complicated as you may think. Not all 3PLs are created equal, and different 3PLs offer different solutions, at different costs.  

At OrderGrid, we’ve helped brands of all sizes scale their business and have the resources, software, experience, and warehousing space necessary to not only meet your fulfillment needs, but also to surpass your expectations.

If you’re currently working with a fulfillment partner, you will be aware of the costs and processes associated with outsourcing your fulfillment.  

Reviewing how your current 3PL is performing is a key factor to scaling your business and setting your brand up for future success. Working with a 3PL that is not meeting your businesses needs can lead to stunted growth and lost customers.

At OrderGrid, we have plenty of experience in helping brands of all sizes transition from their former fulfillment partners easily, quickly and seamlessly.

In this guide you’ll learn:  

  • When to consider switching 3PLs
  • Tips and tricks
  • Fulfilling with OrderGrid

When To Consider Switching 3PLs

1. When your orders are not being processed and shipped same day

Modern 3PLs with the latest software can process and ship orders same-day. Fast order processing helps build trust in your brand and helps to turn your customers into ambassadors, which can even lead to lower customer acquisition costs.

If your order processing is taking more than 24 hours and customers can see that from your shipping policy, then you may be losing sales and may want to consider switching 3PLs.

2. When you are not getting the level of service you need to be successful

Your end customers today are used to placing orders and having their queries answered around the clock. If your 3PL has rigid operating hours or they don’t respond in a timely manner, your 3PL might not be the best fit for your business.  

Ask yourself: Do you know who your point of contact is at your current 3PL? A good 3PL will provide a robust client experience which should include a dedicated account manager or customer service representative that will personally handle any issues and make sure your fulfillment operations are running smoothly.  

At OrderGrid, we want you to feel like our operations and team are an extension of

your team.  

3. When your 3PL doesn’t meet your quality needs

If you are a Health, Beauty, Nutrition, Food or Beverage brand; operating with GMP/cGMP in your fulfillment process is extremely important. Effective quality procedures will save your e-commerce business significant time and money over the long run. More importantly, they will protect your brands reputation and ensure customer satisfaction.

To have effective quality practices, it is important to partner with a 3PL that has developed a Quality Management System (QMS) that is being challenged and tested on a regular and scheduled basis in order to ensure continuous improvement.

Dedicating some time and planning toward choosing the right fulfillment partner with effective quality procedures will increase brand trust, ensure customer satisfaction, and help your brand gain more 5-star reviews.

4. When your 3PL is not continuously adding features and improvements to their software

If you are with a 3PL that isn’t continuously improving their software, it may be time to switch. As the pace of software and technology change in the e-commerce space accelerates, it’s important to partner with a 3PL that will be able to support your business in the future, as well as today.

At OrderGrid, our software is always improving. Our in-house software development team is continuously making updates and improvements to the app based on user feedback and client expectations, and we’re always looking for ways to make your life easier with our software features.

Tips & Tricks

  • Send enough inventory from your old 3PL to your new 3PL to cover a few weeks of orders. When you’re ready to start fulfilling with your new 3PL; simply turn off your e-commerce store sync with your old 3PL. However, you must make sure to turn on your store sync with your new 3PL!
  • If you think it might be difficult to send inventory to your new 3PL, simply divert inventory from your manufacturer to your new 3PL and let your old 3PL fulfill orders until your existing inventory is depleted.
  • Plan to switch fulfillment partners during low volume seasons, and definitely not in the holiday seasons (e.g. October to December)!

Fulfilling With OrderGrid

OrderGrid is a global, order fulfillment company with locations in different countries across the world. We are geared to help e-commerce brand owners offer domestic, affordable, shipping no matter where their customers are located.

To learn more send us an email to ‘info@ordergrid.com’.

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