September 19, 2023

How To Ensure The Quality of Fresh Produce For Online Delivery or Pick-Up

How To Ensure The Quality of Fresh Produce For Online Delivery or Pick-Up

Delivering high quality fresh produce in online delivery or pick-up orders is crucial to keeping your customers coming back over and over again. Here are some steps you can take to ensure that your customers receive the freshest, highest-quality produce possible:

Quality Assurance Upon Receiving

The first step in ensuring the quality of fresh produce is to make sure that it is of high quality when it is received from your suppliers. This means checking the temperature of the truck and the products when they arrive, checking for signs of spoilage, such as bruising or discoloration and checking expiry dates, and rejecting any produce that does not meet your standards.

Rapid Put-Away

Rapid put-away is essential for ensuring the quality of fresh produce. This means that once the produce has been received, it must be quickly moved from the receiving area to its designated storage location. This helps prevent the produce being exposed to fluctuations in temperature and spoilage, which ensures the produce remains fresh. Systems like OrderGrid automatically route produce to its designated location to significantly speed up the put-away process and make the produce available for consumers to purchase immediately, so you can accelerate your sales.

Optimal Storage Conditions

Fresh produce must be stored at the right temperature to maintain its freshness and prevent spoilage. This entails storing fruits and vegetables in a cool, dry location, shielded from direct sunlight and heat sources, while also vigilantly monitoring temperature fluctuations. Implementing a system like OrderGrid can guarantee the precise placement of items into their designated temperature-controlled storage areas, thereby minimizing errors that result in wastage.

Scheduled Quality Checks

To ensure that your produce remains fresh, it is important to regularly check its quality. You can do this by scheduling automatic freshness checks using a system like OrderGrid that alerts you when it is time to inspect your produce.

Just-In-Time Picking

To ensure that your customers receive the freshest produce possible, it is important to pick it only when it has been ordered. This means that you should not pick produce until you have received an order for it, and systems like OrderGrid ensure you pick the order as close to the delivery or pick-up time as possible.

AI-Driven Inventory Management

One effective approach to minimize overstock and optimize the turnover of your produce is by leveraging technology to predict demand for your products. This allows you to procure precisely the amount of produce required to satisfy your customers' requirements. OrderGrid utilizes AI-driven demand forecasting, factoring in historical sales data and weather information to accurately predict produce demand.

Preventing Near-Expiry Shipments

To prevent goods from being sent out too close to their expiry date, you can use a stop ship date. This is a date after which you will no longer ship a particular product, ensuring that it does not reach your customers too close to its expiry date.

OrderGrid offers a robust platform equipped with built-in functionality to simplify the process of maintaining the freshness and quality of fresh produce for online delivery or pickup orders.

This functionality is seamlessly applicable whether you fulfill orders from dedicated fulfillment centers, micro-fulfillment centers, or in-store locations.

If you would like to learn more or schedule a demo, please get in touch with us today! We would be happy to show you how our platform can help you deliver the freshest, highest-quality produce to your customers.
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