October 4, 2022

Why Shopify and OrderGrid are a match made in fulfillment Heaven

It is undeniable that every brand that launches an eCommerce store through Shopify has the same goal of one day making the shift from packing orders in their homes or businesses, to switching over to a 3PL order fulfillment company. It’s a logistical step that is included in every business plan to drive growth and success. Building relationships to prepare for that switch is critical, and knowing who to partner with is essential in order to have a successful business. OrderGrid and Shopify are a match made in fulfillment heaven for many reasons that will be discussed extensively in this blog post.

We love Shopify and we want to share why this platform is our favorite for DTC brands.

  1. Seamless Integration Capabilities: Shopify makes it super easy for brands to create a site and seamlessly integrate it with other important tools that they need,  including a 3PL service provider such as OrderGrid.
  2. Vast Template Selection: The options in Shopify’s theme store are limitless; with an incredible selection templates that make it easy to customize and create your online presence and eCommerce store seamlessly. The tools available on Shopify for up-selling, integrated payment processing, SEO and marketing are unmatched by other platforms. Keep in mind, Shopify also has the best cart conversion checkout system on the internet.
  3. Customer Service: Let’s face it, problems occurring in the back end of an eCommerce store is unavoidable and can be extremely stressful for any business owner. The customer service team at Shopify are quick, easy to get in contact with and extremely helpful. They are also available 24/7 which we believe is critical when running an online store.

The best part about Shopify is that it integrates perfectly with OrderGrid, offering your customers perks like no other as compared to other 3PLs. OrderGrid provides 5-star customer service and software, which enables your brand to offer world-class delivery to your customers.

Why is OrderGrid’s Order Fulfillment process unique compared to other competitors?

  1. Same-Day Order Processing: When you partner with OrderGrid (and depending on your desired level of service), your orders will be processed same-day. With the aftermath of the pandemic and the drastic shift to eCommerce, many customers expect to receive their items as fast as possible. Offering same-day order processing and rapid delivery is absolutely necessary to stay competitive within the market today.
  2. Increased AOV (average order value): We offer a robust packing process that allows you to sell bundles to your customers seamlessly which may increase your average order value.
  3. 99.9% Order Accuracy Rate: Returns for incorrectly orders can become very expensive for a business. Avoiding high volume returns for improperly packed orders can truly create an impact on your bottom line that will allow you allocate more funds to grow and sustain your brand.
  4. GMP/cGMP Compliant Fulfillment Centres: With OrderGrid, you have access to FDA registered and Health Canada approved warehouses that provide lot code and expiry date traceability, as well as, extensive experience in handling regulated and licensed products.
  5. Multi-Location Fulfillment: Manage your fulfillment inventory across multiple locations from your desktop. You are always one click away from your real time inventory and can talk to an OrderGrid expert 24/7 when needed!
  6. Real-Time Inventory Management: Our software allows you to manage your inventory in real-time and get alerts when stock falls too low.
  7. Data Insights: See key order fulfillment information in real-time, ensuring your customers get the level of service they desire.

How does OrderGrid and Shopify fulfillment work together seamlessly?

Real-Time Order Import

OrderGrid’s 3PL Central Software automatically connects to your Shopify backend and when a new order comes through it is automatically transmitted to your 3PL fulfillment partner within minutes. All the information needed to ship out correctly and swiftly is provided instantly allowing you the ability to provide customers with same day shipping. Everything gets automated and you no longer have to manually update orders on Shopify because OrderGrid will provide all this real time data for you.

Seamless Order Status and Tracking

The moment an order is picked, packed and shipped the information is transmitted to your Shopify dashboard instantly allowing you and your customer to see their tracking number added, order status changed to shipped and any future updates for the customer will be provided as well. No more manually entering in data. Time is money in the eCommerce world and the hours that add up from manually entering data for orders can be quite shocking. OrderGrid removes all of this allowing you more time to work on growing your brand. 3PLs like OrderGrid offer same-day order processing from our facilities and provide real-time updates for your Shopify backend and customers.

Full Carrier Shipping Automation

Want to save money and keep your customers happy? A unique proposition OrderGrid offers over its competitors is our unique automated algorithm that chooses the best carrier at the lowest cost for any order picked and packed. Our automation within our algorithms helps lower our customers shipping costs by 35% and removes the guesswork for you on what carrier to use.  

Syncing your Inventory

We offer updated real-time fully accurate inventory. When one of your SKUs is shipped from the 3PL warehouse it will automatically be removed from your Shopify inventory and Shopify dashboard.


Shopify and OrderGrid are a Match Made in Fulfillment Heaven to say the least, we allow you real-time data for your inventory, same day delivery with your customers and save you 35% on all your shipping. Our integration system is the perfect order fulfillment solution for your Shopify store and our 3PL warehouse has a team of experts waiting to make your life easier by taking your shipping off your hands!

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