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Quick Commerce 

OrderGrid is the world's leading software platform enabling 2-minute order picking from dark stores.

Learn how we can help you be part of the 10-minute delivery revolution with your own hyper-local dark stores powered by OrderGrid quick-commerce software.

  • Used By Leading Grocers

  • Perfect Inventory Control > 99.5% Accuracy

  • Enterprise Grade Security

  • Quick To Scale. Low Capex

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World Class Tech

Used by leading grocers

Seamlessly integrates

Enterprise grade security


Easy to Use

Feature set built for speed

Modern, intuitive UI

Minimal training required


Super Scalable

Launch stores in a week

Very low capex

Unlimited orders per day

Perfect Inventory Control

Eliminate substituted or missing items with > 99.5% order accuracy 

The Quick-Commerce Revolution

A 10-minute delivery revolution is
happening in grocery eCommerce

Wave goodbye to:

Slow picking speeds

Missing or substituted items

Disappointed customers

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Say hello to:

Order ready in 2 mins

Delivery in 10 mins

Happy customers

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